Garden of Ghost Flowers is a group participatory mixed reality installation where plants have evolved traits as a protective mechanism to nudge humans to realize their evolutionary importance.

A new species of flower grows inside a dome submerged in total darkness. The flower has been genetically modified to feed from the emergent phenomenon of resonance generated between the exhibition’s visitors and an AI computing system.

As the flower is not directly witnessed by the visitors, as their experience in the dome are being augmented, it is not certain when representations, systems and technology stand between them and the flower and when they speak to, hear, touch and feel technology itself and not what it represents. Similarly, the boundaries between intentions of care are blurred and can transform into desires of control and ownership.

The installation might bring both hope and distress as their desire for a reparative relationship with their environment is met by a new ecological system: one where assumed definitions of life depend on a resonance between minds, technogenic objects, plant-life and microorganisms.


Christer Lundahl, Artist, Lundahl & Seitl
Martina Seitl, Artist, Lundahl & Seitl