Decision Makers & Expert


Every year, CPH:FORUM welcomes a wide variety of professionals from all over the world representing public service and commercial broadcasters, arts institutions, film funds and foundations in addition to private equity funders, sales agents and distributors.

See below the confirmed participants who took part in CPH:FORUM 2022. The next edition will take during next year’s CPH:DOX festival March 15-16, 2023 in Copenhagen as well as online. 

Decision Makers & Experts listed by countries:

Melbourne International Film Festival, Al Cossar, Programmer

Autlook Filmsales, Elisabeth Grund, TV & VOD Sales
Autlook Filmsales, Salma Abdalla, CEO & Theatrical Sales
ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Siegfried Steinlechner, Commissioning Editor
Red Bull Media House, Sylvia Schmoeller, Head of Acquisition

ARGOS Centre for Audiovisual Arts, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Production Manager On & For Production and Distribution
RTBF, Isabelle Christiaens, Head of Documentary co-productions

Films Transit International, Jan Rofekamp, CEO
KinoSmith Inc., Robin Smith, President
Syndicado, Aleksandar Govedarica, Sales Agent


Czech Television, Markéta Stinglová, Head of International Co-Production
dok.incubator, Andrea Prenghyová, Director
dok.incubator,Miriam Ryndová, Project Manager
HBO Europe, Hanka Kastelicová, VP and Executive Producer
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Martin Horyna, Festival Programmer

Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Denmark, Ene Katrine Rasmussen, Head of Creative Europe MEDIA Desk
Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Denmark, Katrine Danielle Bjaarnø, Project Officer
Danish Film Institute, Klaus Ladegaard, CEO
Danish Film Institute,
Ane Mandrup, Head of Documentaries
Danish Film Institute, Anne Marie Kürstein, Festival Consultant, Documentaries
Danish Film Institute, Annette Klit Kjær, Editor General Purpose Grants
Danish Film Institute, Jacob Neiiendam, Head of International Department
Danish Film Institute, Frank Piasecki Poulsen, Documentary Film Commissioner
Danish Film Institute, Heidi Kim Andersen, Documentary Film Commissioner
Danish Film Institute, Søren Tarp, Producer
Danish Producers Association / Producentforeningen, Jørgen Ramskov, Direktør
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Anders Bruus, Commissioning Editor & Buyer Documentaries
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Camilla Krog, Programme & Sales Manager, Docs & Drama, Scripted Formats
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Frederik Kristensen, Administrator & Festival Coordinator
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Freja Johanne Nørgaard Sørensen, Programme & Sales Manager
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Kim Christiansen, Editor Co-Productions and Documentaries
DR  (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Mette Bjerregaard, Programme/Sales Manager
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Nanna Lykke, PR & Marketing Manager
DR  (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Noemi Ferrer Schwenk, Executive Producer/Partnerships and Pre-sales
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Signe Bruntse, Acquisitions Executive
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Anders Thomsen, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, DR1, DR3 – DR Medier
EAVE, Lise Lense-Møller, Head of Studies
HBO Nordics, Ida Høyer Bom, Acquisitions Executive, Factual and Documentaries
International Media Support, Henrik Underbjerg, Advisor for Documentary Film Programme
International Media Support, Rasmus Steen, Programme Manager, International Media Support, Documentary Film
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Anne Mikél Jensen, Project Manager
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Henriette Bretton-Meyer, Curator
Matter Associates, Lars Hemming Jørgensen, Founder
New-land, Sarah Pearson, Executive Producer
New Danish Screen, Christina Ramsø Thomsen, Commissioning Editor
Nikolaj Kunsthal, Helene Nyborg, Artistic Director
Nordisk Panorama, Anita Reher, Executive Director
Nordisk Panorama, Christina Jul Gregersen, Forum Manager
Nordisk Panorama, Lea Maria Strandbæk Sørensen, Impact Manager
Nordisk Panorama, Maria Stoianova, Market Manager
The Why Foundation, Mette Hoffmann Meyer, Founding Member/ Executive Producer
Tryg Foundation, Peter Pilegaard, Head of Projects
ViaPlay, Nicole Horanyi, Head of Documentary
West Danish Film Fund, Jakob Kirstein Høgel, Documentary Film Commissioner

AVEK, Mikko Peltonen, Film Commissioner
AVEK, Ulla Simonen, Director
Finnish Film Foundation, Arttu Manninen, Advisor / International Promotion
Finnish Film Foundation, Eero Tammi, Documentaries & Shorts Commissioner
Fininish Film Foundation, Iris Olsson, Film Commissioner
Finnish Film Foundation, Suvi Railo, Advisor/International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films
YLE, Erkko Lyytinen, Commissioning Editor
YLE, Jenny Westergard, Commissioning Editor

ARTE France, Axel Villard-Faure, Commissioning Editor
ARTE France, Lorraine Mansuy, Acquisition Execuctive / Specialist factual Departement
ARTE France, Karen Michael, Deputy Director
ARTE France, Marie Beuzard, Commissioning Editor
ARTE France, Rasha Salti, Programmer La Lucarne
ARTE G.E.I.E, Catherine Le Goff, Commissioning Editor
ARTE G.E.I.E, Claudia Bucher,  Head of THEMA & Geopolitics
ARTE G.E.I.E, Sabine Lange, Commissioning Editor / Bi-media
ARTE G.E.I.E, Sarah Elena Schwerzmann, Commissioning Editor for Documentary Series
Cat&Docs, Maëlle Guenegues, Festivals & Acquisitions Manager
Centre Pompidou, Charlène Dinhut, Department for Cultural Development
Doc’s up Fund, Alex Szalat, Head of Doc’s up Fund
Eurimages, Markus Lehner, Project Manager
Festival Scope, Alessandro Raja, CEO & Founder
France Télévision, Alice Delvalle, Commissioning Editor
Java Films, Kathryn Bonnici, Head of Acquisitions & Development
Marché du Film, Pierre-Alexis Chevit, Head of Cannes Docs
Marché du Film, Babette Dieu, Project leader, Cannes Docs
Netflix, Mark Edwards, Commissioning Editor
PARISCIENCE Festival International du Film Scientifique, Fabrice Esteve, President
Reservoir Docs, Tanguy Milin, Sales & Festivals
The Party Film Sales, Clémence Lavigne, International Sales & Acquisition Manager
The Party Film Sales, Estelle de Araujo, Head of TV Sales
The Party Film Sales, Theo Lionel, Festival Manager
Wild Bunch, Marie-Pierre Valle, Head of Acquisitions
Windrose, Pauline Mazenod, Head of Acquisition

ARD/MDR, Christina Herssebroick, Commissioning Editor
ARD/RBB, Christian von Behr, Commissioning Editor
ARD/SWR, Susanne Gebhardt, Commissioning Editor
ARD/SWR, Simone Reuter, Commissioning Editor
ARD/SWR, Martina Treuter, Commissioning Editor
ARD/WDR, Jutta Krug, Commissioning Editor
Berlinale IFF, Thomas Hailer, Curator
Berlinale, Manuela Guddait, EFM Strategic Development & Partnerships
Berlinale, Kathrin Kuna, Head of Coordination – Industry Sessions
Deckert Distribution GmbH, Heino Deckert, Managing Director / Producer
Deckert Distribution GmbH, Liselot Verbrugge, CEO
Documentary Campus, Dr. Claudia Schreiner, Head of Studies, Masterschool
Documentary Campus, Donata Von Perfall, Director
Documentary Campus, Ingrid Huebscher, Project Manager
Documentary Campus, Manuela Winkler, Documentary Campus e.V.
Documentary Campus, Sarah Binetsch, Masterschool Coordinator
Dok.fest Munchen, Sina Mareen Weber, Head of Marketplace
Dok Leipzig, Christoph Terhechte, Artistic Director
Films Boutique, Gabor Greiner, Acquisitions
German Films, Simone Baumann, Managing Director
MAGNETFILM GmbH, Georg Gruber, Managing Director
Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Teresa Hoefert de Turégano, Funding Advisor
NDR, Barbara Biemann, Documentaries Commissioning Editor
NDR / ARTE, Claudia Cellarius, Broadcaster
Rise and Shine World Sales, Anja Dziersk, Co-Founder
Rise and Shine World Sales, Stefan Kloos, Managing Director
RTL Television GmbH, Arno Becker, Commissioning Editor
RTL Television GmbH, Simone Theilmann, Editor
SILBERSALZ, Irem Couchouron, Head of Film & Exhibition
ZDF, Anne-Kathrin Brinkmann, Commissioning Editor
ZDF, Marita Hübinger, Commissioning Editor, Head of Science Department
Martin Pieper, Commissioning Editor / Head of the Department Culture & Science Programmes

Icelandic Film Centre, Sigurrós Hilmarsdóttir, Head of Production
Icelandic Film Centre, Helga Brekkan, Film Consultant

Docaviv Film Festival, Karin Rywkind Segal, Artistic Director
Cinephil, Shoshi Korman, Head of Festivals & Marketing
Cinephil, Olivier Tournaud, Managing Director

Fondazione In Between Art Film, Leonardo Bigazzi, Curator
Venice Film Festival – Venice Production Bridge, Francesco Giai Via, Program Advisor
Vessel, Andrea Arena, Producer

NHK, Yoko Imai-Mori, Producer & Buyer

Pualina Suárez, Ambulante, Director

AVROTROS, Syrine Krabman, Commisioning Editor
IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), Isabel Arrate Fernandez, Deputy Director, IDFA Bertha Fund
EOdocs, Margit Balogh, Documentaries Commissioning Editor
IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), Inke Van Loocke, CineMart & Rotterdam Lab Manager
IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), Annina Wettstein, Programmer
VPRO, Barbara Truyen, Head of Documentaries
VPRO, Nathalie Windhorst, Head of Documentary Acquisitions

Fritt Ord Foundation, Bente Roalsvig, Deputy Director
Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Karolina Lidin, Documentary Advisor
Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Lise Løwholm, Project Advisor – Documentaries
Nrowegian Film Institute, Eirin Gjørv, Documentary Film Commissioner
Norwegian Film Institute, Toril Simonsen, Head of International Relations, Shorts & Documentaries
NRK, Carina Bordewich, International Acquisition executive
NRK, Fredrik Færden, Acquisitions Executive
VGTV, Hans Andreas Fay, Head of Acquisition

Docs Against Gravity FF, Artur Liebhart, CEO & Festival Director
Krakow Film Festival, Katarzyna Wilk, Deputy Head, Sales & Promotion
New Horizons IFF, Ewa Szabłowska, Programmer

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, Muhammad Refaat, Commissioning Editor

Film i Skåne, Lisa Nyed, Commissioning Editor Documentary Film
HBO Nordic, Ruth Reid, Producer
Influence Film, Victoria Steventon, Partner
Nordisk Panorama, Festival Producer, Viktor Jepson
Röda Sten Konsthall & GIBCA – Gothenburgs International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Ioana Ioana, Artistic Director
SVT, Anneli Kustfält, Commissioning Editor, Commissioning Editor – K Special
SVT, Axel Arnö, Commissioning Editor
SVT, Charlotte Gry Madsen, Commissioning Editor
SVT, Anna Schytt, Commissioning Editor, Science
SVT, Asta Dalman, Commissioning editor, Feature docs and current affairs
Swedish Film Institute, Jannik Splisboel, Film Commissioner Documentaries
Swedish Film Institute, Jenny Örnborn, Production Controller

First Hand Films, Esther van Messel, CEO
Lightdox, Bojana Maric, Sales & Acquistion Executive
RTS, Bettina Hofmann,Co-Head of Documentaries
RTS, Steven Artels, Co-Head of Documentaries

Artist Moving Image, Elena Hill, Founder / Director
Arts Council of England, Fabio Altamura, Relationship Manager Visual Arts
BBC, Mark Bell, Commissioning Editor – Arts
BBC Storyville, Philippa Kowarsky, Commissioning Editor and Acquisitions
BBC Storyville, Lucie Kon, Commissioning Editor
DOC SOCIETY, Jess Search, Chief Executive
DOC SOCIETY, Beadie Finzi, Founding Director
DOC SOCIETY, Shanida Scotland, Head of Film & Exhibition
Dogwoof, Anna Godas, CEO
Dogwoof, Oli Harbottle, Head of Distribution
Daata Editions, David Gryn, Director Daata Editions and Artprojx & Curator Film for Art Basel
Film London, Maggie Ellis, Head of Production and Talent Development
Film London, Rose Cupit, Artists’ Moving Image Network Manager
Fremantle, Mandy Chang, Global Head of Documentaries
Institute of Contemporary Art, Nicola Marzano, Film & Cinema Manager
Met Film Sales, Vesna Cudic, Head of Sales & Acquisitions
Met Film Sales, Mitch Clare, Sales Manager
MUBI, Sibila Diaz-Plaja, Development Manager
Netflix, Jonathan Taylor, Commissioning editor
Netflix, Kate Townsend, Director / Original Documentary
SBS Television, Krishan Arora, International Content Consultant
Sky Vision, Hayley Reynolds, Commissioning Editor
Tate Modern, Carly Whitefield, Assistant Curator
Tate Modern, Valentine Umansky, Curator, International Art
The Guardian, Lindsay Poulton, Executive Producer

30 West, Adriana Banta, Vice President
American Documentary | POV, Erika Dilday, Executive Producer/Director
American Documentary | POV, Chris White, Executive Producer
American Documentary | POV, Nicole Tsien, Co-Producer
Cargo Film & Releasing, Daniel Cantagallo, Manager / Sales / Marketing
Cargo Film & Realising, Samah Ali, Acquisition Manager
Catapult Film Fund, Lisa Kleiner Chanoff, Co-Founder
Catapult Film Fund, Megan Gelstein, Senior Program Director
Chicken and Egg Pictures, Jaad Asante, Filmmaker Engagement Manager
Chicken and Egg Pictures, Jenni Wolfson, Executive Director
Chicken and Egg Pictures, Yvonne Welbon, Senior Creative Consultant
Chicken and Egg Pictures, Wendy Ettinger, Co-Founder, Producer and Director
Cinetic Media, Jason Ishikawa, Sales Agent
Cinetic Media, Dana O’Keefe, Sales Agent
CNN Films, Alexandra Hannibal, Associate Director
CAA, Amanda Lebow, Film Finance and Sales agent
Disney +, Marjon Javadi, VP of Original Documentary Film & Docuseries
Disney +, Abby Davis, Original Documentaries and Docuseries for Disney+
Malikkah Rollins, Director Industry & Education
Endeavor Content, Ariel Richter, Advisory Coordinator
Endeavor Content, Blake Levent, Advisory Coordinator
ESPN Films, Adam Neuhaus, Director of Development
Field of Vision, Charlotte Cook, Director
Field of Vision, Sarah Choi, Programming Assistant
Ford Foundation, Chi-hui Yang, Program Officer, JustFilms
Fork Films, Jess Kwan, CEO
Hulu, Belisa Balaban, SVP, Original Documentaries and Unscripted Series
Hulu, Kate Bustamante, Sernior Manager, Original Documentaries
Goodest Media, Martin Marquet, Producer
IDA – International Documentary Association, Rick Perez, Executive Director
Impact Partners, Lauren Haber, Head of Development
Impact Partners, Jenny Raskin, Vice President for Development and Filmmaker Relations
InMaat Foundation, Rebecca Lichtenfeld, Executive Director
Juno Films, Elizabeth Sheldon, CEO
Kickstarter, Elise McCave, Director of Narrative Film
Kickstarter, Elizabeth Cook, Documentary Film Outreach Lead
Kinema, Ryan Harrington, Head of film programming
Magnolia Pictures, John Von Thaden, Vice President of Acquisitions
Majority, Senain Kheshgi, Co-founder
Museum of the Moving Image, Sonia Epstein, Executive Editor – Sloan Science & Film
National Geographic Channel, Chris Albert, EVP – Global Comm & Talent Relations
National Geographic Channel, Tim Horsburgh, Consultant, Documentary Films
Participant Media, Rory Thost, Creative Executive, Documentary
PBS WGBH NOVA, Chris Schmidt, Co-Executive Producer
Picture Palace Pictures, Madeleine Molyneaux, Producer / Production / Sales
ro*co films, Annie Roney, Founder and CEO
ro*co films, Cristine Platt Dewey, Managing Director
Sandbox Films, Greg Boustead, Executive Producer
Sandbox Films, Jessica Harrop, Supervising Producer
Story Matters Media, Patricia Finneran, Executive Director
Submarine Deluxe, Matthew Burke, Director of Sales
Sundance Institute, Paola Mottura, Manager – Film Fund
SXSW, Jim Kolmar, Film Progammer
The Film Sales Company, Lucas Verga, Senior Director – Sales and Acquisitions
Tribeca Film Festival, Cara Cusumano, Director of Programming
Vessel, Liza Faktor, Curator / Producer
Women Make Movies, Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director
World Channel, Christopher Hastings, Executive Producer
XRM Media, Sue Turley, Executive Producer