Forum Des Images awards three CPH:LAB projects at this year’s INTER:ACTIVE SYMPOSIUM

Forum Des Images, New Images Festival announced the three brand new awards for this year’s CPH:LAB projects.

Elie Levasseur, Head of Newimages XR Market, selected three CPH:LAB projects for their outstanding pitching at this year’s Inter:Active Symposium, as well as their prototype works that accredited guests had the chance to experience at the CPH:LAB Prototype Pop-Up event.

The three selected projects are:

The Pathogen of War by director Yasmin Fedda, experience designer May Abdalla and Dan Davies from Black Leaf Films as the producer. The Pathogen of War is an Interactive Installation.

Dark Rooms – Enter Unknown Territory, an online VR experience by the Danish director Laurits Flensted-Jensen, scriptwriter Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen and Mads Dambso, founder and producer of the acclaimed VR studio Makropol.

Deep Truth and AR installation by director and producer Jennifer Rainsford.

The there awards consist of an invitation to participate in the XR Financing Market 2022 of the NewImages Festival, a leading European co-production and financing market, entirely dedicated to authentic immersive artworks. 

The international event will take place in Paris in June 8-12, 2022.

Read more about the CPH:LAB 2021/2022 projects here.

CPH:LAB 2021/2022 is kindly supported by Creative Europe and the Danish Film Institute.