Neasa Ni Chianáin, Declan McGrath / Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium / 2021 / 102 min / European Premiere

Welcome to Belfast, where a school principal uses Plato, Nietzsche and Elvis Presley to resolve old and ingrained conflicts among his students. A lively and passionate defence of freedom of thought.

In the Northern Irish capital, Belfast, huge murals continue to pay tribute to either side of the ancient conflict between Catholics and Protestants. Home to the Catholic Holy Cross Boys School, charismatic headmaster Mr. McArevey – a passionate philosopher and a huge Elvis fan! – tries to educate his pupils and resolve their internal conflicts through philosophy. With the ancient Greeks at hand, he equips the new generation to think for themselves, and not just reproduce the violence and ingrained anger of their parents. Because the good thing about philosophy, he says, is that it’s very hard to be right. A lively, observant film, and a passionate defence of the freedom of thought.