Fanny Chotimah / Indonesia / 2020 / 75 min / European Premiere
An unusual, lifelong relationship between two ageing women is nearing its end in a simple, beautiful and deeply moving Indonesian debut.

70-year-old Kaminah and 74-year-old Kusdalini have known each other since they met in prison at a very young age during the Indonesian dictatorship, suspected of being communists, which they obvious and proudly were – and still are! Since then, the two women have lived together for over 50 years in a small, self-made house and shared their long lives in a close and intimate relationship. Things only change when Kusdalini is taken to hospital. ‘You and I’ is a film that seemingly contains everything in its immediate simplicity: friendship, love, political commitment, life itself. There is no need for grand effects in Fanny Chotimah’s beautiful and profoundly moving debut. The emotions are pure and strong, and you must be made of stone not to be deeply moved by Kaminah and Kusdalini’s devotion to each other – or not to be carried away by their revolutionary slogans, for that matter.