Marc Bauder / Germany / 2021 / 110 min / International Premiere
Is the human being merely a passing guest on Planet Earth? Six notable individuals look at today’s crises from their different professional perspectives.

What do an astronaut, a deep-sea scientist, an economist, a philosopher, a post-humanist and a Buddhist monk have in common? More than you might think. From their different professional and human perspectives, they try to understand the increasingly complex challenges to our planet due to climate change. And no matter if they are at the top of the world, at the bottom of the sea, inside the human brain, at a G-20 summit or in the heart of the International Space Station, they are all looking for constructive ways to save our planet. But is human dominance on Earth perhaps only a small ripple in the ocean of time? Marc Bauder’s magnificent, cinematic vision is inspired by the popular German intellectual Roger Willemsen’s posthumous essay ‘Who We Were’.