Joe Hunting / United Kingdom / 2022 / 91 min / European Premiere

Welcome to an ultra-artificial fantasy world, but one where both people and emotions are real. A social free space in a visually stunning film shot entirely in a VR universe during the pandemic.

Animé characters of all shapes and colours come together in a digital fantasy universe during the first lockdown, to take part in car chases, belly dancing and sign language classes. Young director Joe Hunting’s debut sets new standards for what movies can look like. Indeed, ‘We Met in Virtual Reality’ was shot entirely in the VRChat app, and the contrast between the artificiality of the colourful science fiction landscapes and the loneliness actually felt by the voices behind the surreal avatars is moving, striking and liberating. For suddenly we are also in a parallel world where you choose your own gender and identity. Hunting navigates the virtual universe by following some couples who met during the isolation that has been traumatising for many people. Shot in an alternate universe, but edited and narrated as a film: This is what a possible future of cinema and social relationships looks like.