Anna Antsalo / Finland / 2021 / 57 min / International Premiere
Plastic waste from the sea shows us who we are, as volunteer beach cleaners sort their colourful findings in a warm film about a global crisis.

The sea is our blue planet’s great uncharted territory, but for far too long, the world’s oceans have also been used as a rubbish dump. In England, Japan and the Netherlands, we meet four volunteers who clean plastic waste from the beaches where they live. A container is accidentally thrown overboard from a ship, and soon the coast is dotted with plastic dinosaurs and little space ships. The good people pick up what they can and organise their colourful finds. ‘An archaeology of the future,’ as one of them says, even though it is the unsustainable way we live in right now that is magnified and examined here with warmth and humour.