Natalia Almada / United States, Mexico / 2021 / 77 min / Danish Premiere
Natalia Almada’s visual essay about the acceleration of technology in a world going off the rails. Visionary and highly topical.

From the car to the fibre optic cable: The western idea of technological progress is always expressed in raw speed. But the acceleration is so fast today that we easily oversee how much technology we already are surrounded by and how the planet’s many crises are escalating at the same time. Natalia Almad’s visual essay allows us to see things as they are, and how they are all connected. The scale is cosmic, and so is the film’s visionary wingspan. But ‘Users’ is also a cinematic letter to Almada’s young son, the film’s actual protagonist, who reminds us that we only have the planet on loan for the time we are here.