Louise Lemoine, Ila Bêka / France / 2020 / 90 min / Danish Premiere
A tour of the metropolis with the genius architect Ryūe Nishizawa as your guide in his vintage Alfa Romeo. Great ideas in a simple, jazzy and free form.

Ryūe Nishizawa is not just a brilliant architect. He is also a skilled chauffeur – and the perfect guide to his hometown, Tokyo. Nishizawa picks up the artist duo Ila Béka and Louise Lemoine in his beloved vintage Alfa Romeo. The rain is pouring down, but it soon clears up, and the rest of the day they drive around the city, visit Nishizawa’s studio and exchange ideas about everything from culture, music and film to architecture. The form is light and free, just like Nishizawa’s architecture. At the same, Beka and Lemoine’s beautiful black-and-white miniature road movie is so full of original thoughts and good company that it’s just like being there yourself.