Tadhg O’Sullivan / Ireland / 2020 / 75 min / Danish Premiere
A dark blue and meditative tribute to the moon on the sky, in art and as a mirror of our own dreams of infinity.

This year’s probably most romantic film is a quietly poetic tribute to the moon – both our pale friend in the sky and the enigmatic moon cultivated by poets and artists. ‘To the Moon’ is a seamless montage of extracts from existing films by filmmakers such as Murnau and Satyajit Ray, as well as new images of the moon, shot on timeless celluloid in 25 different countries. Excerpts from Joyce and Forster contribute with well-chosen words. But the Irish director Tadhg O’Sullivan is not out to make an encyclopaedia of the moon’s many roles in culture. On the contrary, his atmospheric and critically acclaimed film creates a dark blue and meditative space around us, just like the moon itself.