Karl Ammann, Laurin Merz / Switzerland, Kenya / 2021 / 90 min / World Premiere
Undercover in the black market for endangered species. Nine years of shocking recordings with a hidden camera from a deadly underworld.

Photojournalist and biologist Karl Ammann has spent nine years infiltrating and documenting the fatally dangerous underworld of trade in endangered species in Asia and around the world. The result is ‘The Tiger Mafia’, a shocking revelation of a black market controlled by warlords and hardcore criminals and driven by the kind of greed and cynicism you never deemed possible in your wildest imagination. The fur, teeth and meat from the endangered tiger are in high demand in an industry that, with nature parks and zoos as intermediaries, also operates in full daylight. But Ammann is not the only person who puts his life at risk in his wide-reaching and in-depth study of the tiger mafia’s global network. Even the highest-ranking gangster bosses cannot be sure not to end up with a bullet in their back when things start to go wrong. Ammann himself takes things with stoic calm, even when he is served a portion of tiger meat or is arrested without a passport in the middle of a lawless no man’s land.