Annie Ernaux, David Ernaux-Briot / France / 2022 / 61 min

Nobel Prize-winning author Annie Ernaux’s debut as a film director is based on home movies shot during her life. A personal film with an intellectual wingspan that stretches from 1960s France to the present day.

At the age of 81, the French writer and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2022, Annie Ernaux, has directed her first film with her son. ‘The Super 8 Years’ is a compilation composed entirely of Super 8mm films from the family archive, with Ernaux’s own voice as the engaging, personal narrator. In this way, the film is both formally and conceptually a logical continuation of her literary works and oeuvre. Annie Ernaux is all about words, and in her own words the film is ‘a testimony to the aspirations of a social class in the 1970s… a narrative that transcends the intimate, the social and the historical to reproduce the flavour and colour of those years’.