Max Eriksson / Sweden, Norway / 2021 / 100 min

The rush of total freedom came with a price for Swedish skateboard star Ali Boulala in the 1990s, when he unleashed his inner wildness in a frenzy of drugs, alcohol and chaos.

As a teenager in the 1990s, Swedish skateboard star Ali Boulala was already a legend. A fearless natural on a skateboard, he risked his life with his punk tricks. But when the basically introverted Boulala is hired by the hyped brand Flip and sent on a world tour, the booze and drugs among the young skate stars escalate into chaos. He rampages around like a whirlwind and makes the others laugh with his excessive behaviour. Until the adventure culminates in a tragic accident that changes his life forever. The young friends recorded it all on the smashed VHS tapes, which Ali Boulala now looks back on in a raw film about the fatal, seductive rush of freedom.