Pamela Breda / United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, United States, Italy / 2021 / 70 min

Philosophical free-style with some of the world’s sharpest astrophysicists, who let us in on their personal thoughts and dreams about the most fundamental – and most abstract – mysteries of the universe.

Outer space is the ultimate mirror of our dreams and ideas about the universe and our own place in infinity. Over three years, British film artist Pamela Breda visited some of the world’s most gifted astrophysicists to hear their personal thoughts on the whole thing – literally! In a beautiful work shot on analogue film, we are introduced to some of science’s most fundamental questions and abstract dilemmas. Can we observe the world without affecting it? What is knowledge? And will we one day have the answers to everything? In remote laboratories and observatories otherwise closed to the public, the sharpest minds are given the opportunity to take a philosophical break from their regular research to which they have dedicated their lives.