Steffen Krones / Germany / 2022 / 92 min

A message in a bottle from Dresden brings news of incredible ocean currents and plastic debris in the world’s vast floating ecosystems. An idealistic and pictorial adventure film with excess and a serious agenda.

When Steffen Krones finds a German beer bottle in the Arctic Ocean off Lofoten in Norway, he takes it back to Germany to see if he can still get a deposit for it. He can. How does a beer can that falls into the water in his hometown of Dresden end up in the sea thousands of miles away? Together with a friend, he builds a series of small buoys with GPS units in them and throws them into the Elbe River to see if it really can travel all the way to northern Norway. It becomes a tale of garbage and microplastics, wildlife and complicated ecosystems, as Krones visits marine biologists, scientists and his kayaking Inuit friend to understand the larger connections in the Arctic Ocean and Northern Norway’s extraordinarily beautiful nature.