Marion Neumann / Switzerland / 2021 / 90 min / World Premiere
Ecological science fiction and natural philosophy in a beautiful and generous film about mushrooms – and about what we can learn if we listen to nature.

The mushroom is a modest creature. But the alien and age-old life form is also the Earth’s immune system, and it will survive our transient civilisations. Mushrooms feel and communicate. In Marion Neumann’s beautiful and intelligent film, the toadstool and its spores are the thought-provoking subjects in her broad exploration of a world beyond the human scale. From microscopic details to almost cosmic connections – with stopovers in politics, ethics and ecology. In the cities and deep in the forests of the United States, Japan and Germany, and on the beaches of Copenhagen, we meet researchers and mushroom enthusiasts who are all learning something from mycelia. When you hear what they have found out, you’ll think it’s time that we listen to nature. ‘The Mushroom Speaks’ is an open-minded and elegant film, generous in its confidence in our ability to empathise with other people (and life forms) and adopt new ways of thinking – even when it approaches ecological science fiction.

Please note: In certain scenes subtitles intentionally appear without a voice-over.

The World Premiere is co-presented with Visions du Réel