Tyson Sadler / Canada / 2021 / 101 min / European Premiere

A visually voluptuous world tour that explores the destructive dilemmas of mass tourism in pictorial motifs and hard numbers, and asks: can tourism be made sustainable?

We travel the world more than ever before. Sometimes to expand our world view, sometimes just to take pictures of ourselves in front of the same sights and attractions. But what impact does mass tourism actually have on the world? In a visual world to destinations such as Thailand, Ecuador and Kenya, the deceptively beautiful images of Tyson Sadler’s film remind you of just how great it is to travel, while we are served the hard facts from experts who really know their numbers. ‘The Last Tourist’ asks the irrepressable question: Can tourism be made sustainable? Perhaps it is not about stopping traveling, but to stop doing the way it has been done for decades.