Ben Russell / United States / 2021 / 83 min

The finale is psychedelic, and the journey there is a spiritual expedition through strange mountains in the former CPH:DOX winner Ben Russell’s mind-bending new work, based on French cult novelist René Daumal.

Twice a CPH:DOX winner, Ben Russell is back at the festival with a hallucinatory new work loosely based on René Daumal’s cult novel ‘Mount Analogue’: a surreal tale of a group of mountaineers on a mysterious expedition. Ideal material for the consciousness-expanding poetics of this ever-seeking filmmaker, who takes us on a spiritual journey towards a psychedelic climax. Russell’s dual interest in both collective ways of life and intense studies of individual isolation leads him down two parallel tracks, as an experimental band of women explore the possibilities of improvised creation, while a single man journeys into the wilderness. In the meantime a film takes shape before our eyes. Alchemical, boundary-pushing cinema from one of the most singular auteurs of our time.