Shannon Walsh / Canada, France / 2021 / 87 min / World Premiere
Behind the global gig economy in a film where the new app proletariat of Uber chauffeurs and bike messengers stand up for their rights.

The labour market is changing. Technology has turned the algorithm into a new middle manager, workers give up their rights, and customer ratings determine who wakes up to a job the next day. In a journey from France, the USA and China to Nigeria, ‘The Gig is Up’ paints a picture of the new global app proletariat. A digital feudal society of chauffeurs and bike messengers, where the revolution is brewing and demands for proper working conditions are on the rise. Meanwhile, leading tech experts provide insight into psychology and data patterns and give us an idea of what the future’s labour market will look like if we do not reclaim control in the meantime. But where do you start when Amazon’s warehouse workers are paid in gift cards – to be used on Amazon? Or when stress, addiction and broken families need to be healed, and there is no way out? One place to start is to look the people in the eyes who cycle through the city to bring your dinner to your door. And this is precisely what Shannon Walsh’s highly topical and humane tech film does.