Michale Boganim / France, Israel / 2021 / 93 min

The story of Israel’s forgotten Jews is the story of a dream that turned into discrimination and segregation. The director follows in his father’s footsteps in a film about heritage and exile.

Jews from North Africa and the Middle East have been immigrating to the newly established state of Israel since the 1950s. The non-European Jews, also known as mizrahim, were relegated to remote transit camps and development towns upon their arrival and denied their right to a better life. The prejudice against them are prevalent to this day. French-Israeli director Michale Boganim’s road trip through Israel’s poor suburbs follows the journey of his father, a Moroccan-born Jew who immigrated in the 1950s and fought against segregation policies and for the rights of mizrahim. Meetings and conversations draw the outline of a taboo that continues to haunt Israel.