Andreas Koefoed / Denmark / 2022 / 72 min / World Premiere

A 11-year-old girl miraculously survives a fall from the fifth floor. Six years later, she is a looking to escape the trauma. A subtle, sensitive coming-of-age film about a very unusual young woman.

Estrid is on the threshold between childhood and adolescence when she has a serious accident at the age of 11: She falls out of the window of her room on the fifth floor while sleepwalking at night. She miraculously survives, and with enormous willpower trains herself to return to life. But the trauma of the fall is still with Estrid, her family and especially her mother. Andreas Koefoed’s sensitive and present ‘The Fall’ follows Estrid’s transformation and her family’s healing process over six years. From childhood to adolescence. Estrid must regain her mobility, but she must also find out who she is in the transition from child to young person. Should her hair be long or short, green or brown? This leads to many clashes with her mother, which escalate as Estrid becomes more independent. ‘The Fall’ is a sensitively observant coming of age story about a very special person as she struggles to emerge from the shadows of trauma.