Daniel Carsenty, Mohammed Abugeth / Qatar, France, Lebanon, Germany / 2021 / 93 min

Pedal to the metal through the deserts of Palestine, where two cousins specialise in transporting desperate workers into Israel to support their families. Intense as an action movie, and with political edge.

A beat-up, souped-up car hurtles through the desert in a cloud of dust. At the wheel is Hamouda, who with his cousin Ismail specialises in transporting desperate workers into Israel through a hole in the huge wall designed to isolate them in the Occupied Territories. Shot over eight years, and with car chases straight out of an action movie, ‘The Devil’s Drivers’ offers a highly dramatic, heartbreaking and fresh insight into life in the West Bank. Spies, blockades and an impossible situation in which the two cousins and their passengers risk everything for the survival of the family are the ingredients of a unique film about the human consequences of the occupation in Palestine.