Nagieb Khaja, Peter Eggert Vesterlund / Denmark / 2022 / 70 min / World Premiere

As the only journalist in the world, Cavling winner Nagieb Khaja travels around Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover to paint a portrait of the Taliban and the transition of power.

After decades of war, Afghanistan suddenly falls to the Taliban in the summer of 2021. As the only journalist in the world, Nagieb Khaja decides to tour the country in the chaotic days surrounding the change of power, when no one yet knows how the country’s new rulers will act. While other journalists report from the safety of Kabul airport, Nagieb insists on experiencing the transition with the victors themselves. Along the way, he paints a nuanced portrait of the people behind the West’s enemy image. Taliban Land’ is an account of the Afghan people, who for more than half a century have been the pawns in a great political game with foreign powers.