Keti Machavariani / Georgia / 2021 / 66 min

Yes or no? For or against? A fast-paced tour with Georgian pollster Sunny, who bursts in and out of properties to pose her sociological questions, and perhaps keep her own loneliness at bay.

Georgia has, out of the blue, become one of the most interesting film countries around. One senses why in ‘Sunny’, which makes much of simple means and constantly sends one’s possible prejudices in a new and unexpected direction. Sunny is a former school teacher who now works in a statistics office. She goes door to door in Tbilisi asking people questions about everything while ticking off the answers in her schedule. The EU, immigration and earrings for boys: For or against? Can you be both for free cannabis and for domestic violence to be dealt with within the family? Sure! At the end of the day, Sunny has to answer her own questions. It’s humane, charming and insightfully done – and often very funny.