Camilla Hall, Jennifer Tiexiera / United States / 2022 / 97 min

Being in a documentary can change your life forever, and not always for the better. Drawing on some of the greatest successes of recent times, ‘Subject’ lets the cast speak for themselves in a film about ethics, trauma and ambiguous truths.

‘Subject’ explores the life-changing consequences of sharing your story with the world. Through interviews with the cast of five of the biggest docu-successes in recent memory – ‘The Staircase’, ‘Hoop Dreams’, ‘The Wolfpack’, ‘The Square’ and ‘Capturing the Friedmans’ – we are privy to the lives of the cast after the film. They raise questions about transparency and objective truths, and about being misrepresented, misled and revisiting your worst traumas over and over again, to how a film can also change and perhaps even save your life. At a time when documentary has found its way into pop culture and streaming services, where subscribers and viewership outweigh ethics, ‘Subject’ is a welcome film told from the perspective of its participants.