Baum & Leahy, Greg Orrom Swan, Sofie Birch / Denmark, United Kingdom / 2021 / 25 min
Experience yourself as Homomicrobis – a symbiosis of human and microbe – as you embark on a guided journey into the multispecies dimension of your body, from the comfort of your home.

More than half of the cells in your body are microbial, and nearly a tenth of the genes originate from viruses. To these trillions of bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses and more, your body is their universe. Encounter this intimate family of odd kin and kindred strangers, and dissolve into the multitude of slippery membranes, signalling networks and molecular exchange. ‘Sonic Cellumonials’ is a communal audio-visual experience of ambient synthscapes and animations, with an optional home postal ‘cellular ceremony’ kit*, inviting you to explore the healing and transformative potential of travelling through the multidimensional ecosystems of your body.

*Cellular ceremony kit
The optional home postal ‘cellular ceremony’ kit will be sent to your home and includes a small, soft meditation mask, and a ceremonial instruction sheet, to use prior to and during the experience. The kit including ticket needs to be purchased early on CPH:DOX’s website to allow time for postage. Find the specific deadline on the booking page. Limited number available. 

Premiere – April 23

‘Sonic Cellumonials’ will premiere on April 23 and will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Jonathan May, Curator & Creative Producer, British Council Arts. Duration: 40 min

Meet the Artists: Sonic Cellumonials

How to watch

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How do I experience ‘Sonic Cellumonials’?
‘Sonic Cellumonials’ will be streamed online during CPH:DOX. Following the ceremony, participants will be invited to continue to meditate and to collectively share your experience through the live chat.

How do I get access?
When buying a ticket you receive a confirmation e-mail. 24 hours before the announced screening date you will receive a direct link to join the event at the scheduled date and time.

Artist Bio

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Baum & Leahy (DK/UK)
Baum & Leahy is an award-winning international, creative duo working across interactive installation, art direction, scenography and experience design. Collaborating with experts across disciplines, from microbiologists to musicians, quantum computer scientists to architects, they open up, question and sensorialise scientific research into tactile, participatory experiences. Through researchled worldmaking and material storytelling, their work allows the beholder a proximity to alternative realities, melting between the feasible and fantastical. Sonic Cellumonials builds on their body of artistic research into the Microbiocene – the ancient and ongoing era of microbial life on Earth.

Greg Orrom Swan (UK)
Greg Orrom Swan is an artist, designer, and creative technologist, with a background in experience design. Fascinated by biology, geology, and chemistry, his work explores the links between things and the interconnectedness of complex systems—deconstructing looking at the constituent parts as a whole. He applies a molecular gaze, aiming to highlight how humans are not separate from the living world—but both similar and distinct. This poetic and conceptual space allows him to communicate the strange and lurid connections between the different assemblages of humans and nonhumans, highlighting our shared ancestry, minerality, and elementality.

Sofie Birch (DK)
Exploring music and sound through improvisation, voice experiments and electronic hardware the Copenhagenbased composer Sofie Birch creates blissful soundscapes through her work with performance, installation and film. She combines her background in sound design with self-taught skills in guitar and piano and years of vocal training. Since releasing her first EP on Infinite Waves, she has released the Pitchfork-reviewed album Island Alchemy on Constellation Tatsu. She has performed at venues such as MONOM and Roskilde Festival and has a distinct interest in working with visual artists on creating interdisciplinary formats.