Rita Baghdadi / Lebanon, United States / 2022 / 78 min / None

The only female metal band in the Middle East makes some noise for the revolution in Lebanon, and for the love of each other. Slave to Sirens have more at stake than just the music in an instant audience favourite of a film.

With jet-black hair, leather boots and an uncompromising sound, metal band Slave to Sirens smashes every obstacle to pave the way for other female musicians in Lebanon. In Rita Baghdadi’s instant Sundance audience favourite, we follow the band’s five young members as they struggle with music, each other and the unrest in the country. The overriding protagonists are the band’s biggest egos: the two headbanging guitarists who share a complicated past! Withexplosive chemistry and youthful stubbornness the five women play as loud and fast as they can for a brighter (or darker) future.