Mitra Farahani / France, Switzerland, Iran, Lebanon / 2022 / 97 min

Legendary filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard and Ebrahim Golestan are 190 years old combined and have never met, but become pen pals via email in a playful game of a film.

If you’re wondering if you’ve gotten too old to learn, too old to play, too old in general, ‘See You Friday, Robinson’ is the perfect vaccine! Now 99, Iranian writer and filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan and his 91-year-old French colleague Jean-Luc Godard don’t know each other, but embark on an eight-month email correspondence. The deal is that every Friday they take turns replying to what the other sent the Friday before. Golestan formulates letters to Godard, who replies with videos, images and cryptic text snippets back to Golestan, who – for good reasons – does not understand a word of what he receives. Until he realises that Godard’s point lies precisely in his playfulness.