Louise Leth / Denmark / 2022 / 72 min / World Premiere

Heart-warming youth film about family and friendship, about a young woman’s struggle to find her place in the world, despite her autism. ‘Just be yourself’, says Rima on her way into adulthood.

Rima stands on the border between child and adult, but she does not want to grow up too fast. And she doesn’t want to be known as the girl who needed help. But Rima is also autistic, so she still needs advice on some of the things most others rarely think about, like taking the bus home alone from school. Still, she insists on living as normally as possible in a world not designed for those who do not fit in perfectly. She dreams of becoming a singer or a hairdresser. And all around her are her siblings and her ever-supportive mother, who knows she will have to let Rima go soon, and her friend Sara, who is always there for her whenever Rima finds herself in a tight spot.