Red Lines White Lines Fine LinesIndia Zahra Lyell / Denmark, Netherlands / 2022 / 15 min / World Premiere

Stylised, bloody and intimate tour of a young woman’s destructive thought patterns and a radical reconsidering of the idea of the suffering artist.

A young woman paints an intimate picture of her destructive thought patterns by chronologically reciting poetry she wrote during her darkest years. She passes through three stages of her psyche, admitting the darkness was her home and her greatest inspiration, and she fears losing her creativity in happiness – how to be the artist who does not suffer?

EVA – A Visual Essay on the Female BodyEmma Ishøy / Denmark / 2022 / 9 min / World Premiere

A visual exploration of the female body and self-awareness, gently told by a variety of women using their own bodies as canvas.

Naked female bodies in front of a blank piece of fabric. In a conceptual gesture, ‘EVA – a visual Essay on the Female Body’ becomes a visualisation of women’s self-awareness as a consequence of their bodily experiences. It portrays what it is like to be a woman in a female body in the Western world, the complexities that arise from being subjected to a social structural surveillance, and the challenges of learning to love and accept oneself. It is a celebration of the diversity, strengths and weaknesses of the female body, but also a call to look at women and their bodies differently and to look beyond preconceived notions and instead begin to see it for what it is, what it does and what it is capable of.

Kiss Me, NeverAnna Eline Friis-Rasmussen / Lebanon, Denmark / 2022 / 21 min / World Premiere

Erotic voice messages and secret night meetings connect two women as they try to live out their forbidden love in Beirut.

What do you do when you live in a country where the love you feel is forbidden? The two women in ‘Kiss Me, Never’ send erotic voice messages to each other on their phones by day and meet in secret clubs in Lebanon’s capital Beirut by night. But even as their love grows, the odds are against them and they must lie about their preferences to their parents. From their separate apartments, surrounded by cats and plants, they each fight a battle to be together.

Letters from St. PetersburgLotte Nielsen / Denmark / 2021 / 17 min

Poetic visual narrative about a group of young Russian LGBTQ+ people who dream of a world and a life where they are accepted.

Over a few days, a group of young LGBTQ+ people from the Russian civil rights group Coming Out meet in a collective in the centre of St Petersburg. They meet to sing, write, speak and tell their own stories. It turns into a poetic and image-saturated portrait of a group of young people who dream of a life where both society and their families will accept them as they are and as they look. A life where moving outside gender, body and sexuality norms does not lead to exclusion and rejection from their families. And a life where society does not deprive them of basic human rights or persecute and arrest them simply for living as they are.

Toxic MagnusNasos Gatzoulis / Denmark, United States, Greece / 2022 / 10 min / World Premiere

A diabolical hybrid tale explores the consequences when a sensitive boy is forced to be a real man.

Magnus Alexander was a sensitive boy. He read books, listened to classical music and painted. But his father wanted him to be a real man. So he bullied him for his interests and forced him into more traditional male activities, until it paid off and Magnus became a successful athlete. But as Magnus grew older, he rebelled against his father’s parenting methods through drugs, isolation and self-destruction in a constant, desperate quest to do the opposite of what his father wanted, until he finally decides to save himself by saving others. ‘Toxic Magnus’ is a madcap hybrid film about the consequences of toxic masculinity and the idea that real men exist.