Michelle Leddon, Julia Scott-Stevenson, Liz Steininger, Jason J. Snell / Germany, Australia, United States / 2021 / 30 min / European Premiere
‘Privy To’ is an innovative audiovisual live performance using brainwave mapping technology to explore the mind and our privacy.

If we want to protect privacy, we must first seek to understand what it is. How can we be vulnerable in a world where intimate exchange readily becomes public? Technology has forced us into digital interactions with no protection. How does that change how we now speak to each other, or how close we can get? Artist and composer Jason Snell, in collaboration with creative director Michelle Leddon and the Assembly of Privacy Doxographers, will present an innovative live performance using EEG (brainwave mapping technology) and audiovisual representation to explore the mind in three states: the artist in isolation, in intimate conversation, and exposed to an audience of strangers. We invite you, the audience, to use your presence to examine and alter the conscious and sometimes treacherous transitions we all must make in the world when crossing these boundaries. Privacy requires trust but have we confused trust with faith?

Meet the Artists: Privy To

How to watch

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How do I experience ‘Privy To’?
The audience comes in on Zoom accessible through PC, tablet or mobile device with internet connection. 24 hours before the performance, audience members will be sent an email with a link for the Zoom event and additional participation instructions.

How do I get access?
When buying a ticket you receive a confirmation e-mail. 24 hours before the announced screening date you will receive a direct link to join the event at the scheduled date and time.

Artist Bio

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Michelle Leddon, Creative Director & Producer
Michelle is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker working at the intersection of media, tech and law. Her films have appeared in film festivals and catalogues around the world. Over the last decade, her work has been focused on issues relating to privacy and digital society.

Jason J. Snell, Artist & Technologist
Jason is a multidisciplinary artist and technologist with expertise in computer programming, motion design, and music composition. For over 20 years, he’s fused these talents into multimedia projects, most recently using an EEG biosensor to compose music and video with his mind.

Julia Scott-Stevenson, Producer
Julia is a researcher, producer and curator of interactive and immersive media. She is a co-convenor of i-Docs and an immersion fellow on the South West Creative Technology Network, and has been invited to festivals and conferences to present her Virtual Futures manifesto for immersive experiences.

Liz Steininger, Producer
Liz Steininger is the CEO / Managing Director of Least Authority in Berlin, a company supporting people’s right to privacy through security consulting and building secure solutions. Previously, she managed financing for Internet freedom projects at the Open Technology Fund.