Camilla Nielsson / Denmark, United States, Norway, Zimbabwe / 2021 / 115 min / European Premiere
An epic film about power games and the long dream of freedom in Zimbabwe, in the weeks around the country’s first elections after the dictatorship.

Hopes for a democratic future in Zimbabwe were given a new lease of life in 2017, when the military ousted the 93-year-old President Mugabe after decades of repression. The dictator is gone, but old power structures remain. This is what the young leader of the opposition, Nelson Chamisa, comes to experience during his first election campaign, which was otherwise meant to be free and fair. He is not just up against the established party, but also corruption, fraud and an economy on the brink of collapse. With unique access to the idealistic Chamisa and his team, Camilla Nielsson follows the events leading up to an election where the incumbent party controls the electoral system, the media and the police, but where the young generation has had enough. Chamisa himself is an eminent strategist who is several moves ahead of his opponents – also when the game continues in a parody of a trial after election day itself. ‘President’ is an epic and captivating film about the long and hard road to freedom and change.