Eva Marie Rødbro / Denmark / 2022 / 70 min

Speed, community and feelings. Eva Marie Rødbro’s series about a group of teenage girls’ relationship with their horses reaches across the emotional spectrum, but is above all a strong series about young lives. From 9 years old.

Director Eva Marie Rødbro invites us into the world of the horse girls in an honest and loving story about a group of teenage girls’ friendships and feelings for the big animals. ‘Ponylove’ is a series that shows everything but what we imagine about the so-called horse girls, and we meet fearless and strong young women who are crazy about speed and community – and their horses. Especially scenes like when a horse whisperer translates Veronica’s horse’s feelings and when Kaya says goodbye to her pony of many years are heartbreaking. For the horses can give the girls something no human can. From 9 years old