Ulla Søe / Denmark / 2022 / 34 min

The lives of four Danish children at the Skovgården orphanage, filmed over a year. There are both happy and difficult moments along the way, as Thais, Tobias, Lærke and Sarah invite us into their world. From 7 years old.

Filmmaker Ulla Søe has followed a group of children at the Skovgården orphanage for a year. Thais, Tobias, Lærke and Sarah, all aged between 7 and 11, cannot be with their parents because they cannot look after them properly. Although little is normal, much in the children’s lives is still similar to that of other children. They brush their teeth in the morning, they go to school and they are read to by adults in the evening. They look forward to birthdays, sweets and iPad time, and they think it’s nice when their favourite adult has to put them to bed. But life can also be hard when you miss your parents and wish things were different.