Laura Gabbert / United States / 2020 / 75 min
n the kitchen with the star chef Ottolenghi in the run-up to a sumptuous cake show at The Met with the world’s best dessert chefs on board.

When the star chef and cookery book author Yotam Ottolenghi is invited to create an enormous Versailles event at The Met in New York, he asks some of the world’s best dessert chefs to try out their wildest ideas. The result is a true mirage of the most incredible desserts, but before that, we follow the highly amiable Ottolenghi and his international cast of cake artists all the way from the ideas being born to the doors opening. We also learn a few strange, funny and serious things about French history and food culture along the way, for there is more than just sugar and chocolate on the menu when Ottolenghi & co. dish up a world-class show.