Gianfranco Rosi / Italy, France, Germany / 2020 / 100 min / Danish Premiere
Three years in the Middle East have turned into an epic but deeply human film about living in a war zone. From the director of ‘Fire at Sea’.

Over the course of three years, award-winning documentary filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi travelled across unknown territories along the borders between Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan and Lebanon. The encounters with the people in the war-torn area constitute the paradoxically beautiful ‘Notturno’, which immerses itself into every meeting with attention and respect. Should films from war-torn areas always be shot on gritty video? Not according to Rosi, who on the contrary lets us see the Middle East with new eyes – literally. Epic in form, but at the same time a profoundly human film from a region, where both the landscapes and mentality are marked by decades of violence, with Islamic State as its latest plague. But each day also brings new hope, and every scene offers moments you will never forget.