Jason Kohn / United States / 2022 / 87 min

A lively and wildly entertaining diamond thriller with a cast of characters right out of a spy movie, puncturing the myth of the once precious stones that today can be produced in a factory.

Diamonds mirror and amplify whatever illusions you may be carrying around. The very symbol of fidelity, love and eternity can now be produced in a factory so no one can tell the difference between artificially produced diamonds and the real thing – and yep, you read that right! Jason Kohn’s wildly entertaining film introduces us to a colourful cast of heroes, villains and people in the twilight zone in between, who introduce us to the secrets and challenges of the diamond industry. There are a lot of those. But all the cards are laid on the table in a veritable rollercoaster ride of a film that, while about the previously rare gems, quickly becomes a prism for all our notions of what is solid and true in the world.