Rasmus Dinesen / Denmark, Spain / 2021 / 65 min

A culinary saga about the Faroese Michelin-starred restaurant KOKS, their pioneering chef and the magnificent Faroese nature and culture on which the restaurant and its dedicated staff thrive.

KOKS is located in a remote valley in the Faroe Islands, a small restaurant that has two of the coveted Michelin stars. The young, long-haired chef is Poul Andrias Ziska, and he’s our guide in this feast of a Nordic saga that’s more about magnificent Faroese food, culture and tradition than star-shaped accolades. At KOKS, they cook food that’s prepared with tweezers, but it’s rooted in the raw Faroese nature, where wind and water, fog and cold have shaped the landscapes and the mentality. And it is in the great outdoors that Ziska and his team work to bring traditional Faroese methods and stories into today’s experimental cuisine and explore what the Faroe Islands really taste like.