Akuol de Mabior / South Sudan, Kenya / 2022 / 81 min

A daughter returns home to South Sudan to follow her mother’s path to becoming vice president and leading the country towards a peaceful future. A political family story from a young country, told from the inside.

After growing up in exile, director Akuol de Mabior returns home to South Sudan to follow her mother’s journey into politics. Her vision develops that of her late husband, John Garang de Mabior. His work in the Sudanese peace deal that ended the longest civil war in African history was so important that he now adorns the country’s banknotes. Akuol de Mabior’s mother wants to push South Sudan towards a more peaceful future for the sake of its children. ‘No Simple Way Home’ looks at the political tensions and fragility of a new, young country. But it also looks inward at a family of strong women. It is this familial access that makes it a rarely seen personal portrait of a high-profile politician.