Emilie Beck / Norway / 2022 / 70 min / World Premiere

A young woman confronts her own story as an adopted child from Sri Lanka. Her existential quest expands into a detective hunt for the truth in a morass of forged documents, corruption and family trauma.

Priyangika Samanthie was adopted from Sri Lanka to Norway as a child. She never stopped thinking about her origins and her biological family, and has struggled since childhood to cope with the emotional consequences of alienation. But when she makes contact with her birth mother and gains access to her adoption documents, it is only the beginning of a restless quest to uncover the holes and secrets of her past. And the deeper Priyangika digs into her past for answers, the more unanswered questions surface. While her determined search leads her on the trail of an international adoption scandal, she is confronted with old family traumas and painful memories. ‘No Place Like Home’ is a film about an exceptionally strong woman with the courage to face her past.