Matilda Mester / Germany, Denmark / 2022 / 90 min / World Premiere

An affectionate, locally rooted portrait of the Danish town of Nakskov as a miniature model in the ratio of 1:50. The locals share their stories of class struggle over beers in the lunch break.

For many years Nakskov was known as one of Denmark’s ‘reddest’ towns. The shipyard and sugar factory defined the town’s identity and the workers were proud. Nakskov was in many ways an ideal model for a modern town in the welfare state of Denmark. So much so, in fact, that Matilda Mester literally analyses Nakskov as a miniature version of how the relationship between province, politics and proletariat has changed over the years, inspired by the miniature models of the shipyard and factory that retired workers enjoy making at weekends. The result is a loving and attentive local history portrait of a city and the people who have shaped it over the years. Mester is a graduate of the German film school DFFB in Berlin, and brings a refreshing objectivity to local shores.