Michael Graversen / Denmark / 2022 / 80 min / World Premiere

After years of substance abuse, Michael’s father returns to his life, but an old family trauma continues to haunt the Graversen family. A film with heart and courage about regaining the belief in life and each other.

As Michael unannounced travel to his childhood home, he is met by a new version of his father. Free form years of substance abuse, Svend-Aage is now full of life and more energetic than ever – contrary to the absent father Michael experienced through his childhood. He’s eager to talk about his glorious days as a clothing salesman and is determined to win back the love of his wife. But throughout the years, she has found comfort in her dog Lexus, and finds it hard to let her husband back into her life – despite of Svend-Aages numerous awkward attempts. As their home is put up for sale and a whole lifetime of memories are packed into boxes, the contours of a family trauma scratch the surface. As a 4-year-old, Michael was diagnosed with cancer and five years followed with chemotherapy, frequent isolation and the fear of dying. It changed the Graversens familiy pattern forever, but with the move, Svend-Aage seizes the chance to deal with his breach of trust and a new chance in life.