Maria Speth / Germany / 2021 / 217 min / International Premiere
Life in a German school class with a teacher you wish you knew, in a film about why a screen can never replace a school.

Learning is not for school, but for life. A challenging year with homeschooling in front of the screen has made it clear that there may be some truth in these words. The community in the classroom and during the most formative years of life are observed with a loving eye in this excellent film about a German school class in Germany, where the students from twelve nations aged 12 to 14 receive both education and plenty of healthy resistance from their teacher, Herr Bachmann – an exemplary human being, for whom learning begins with curiosity and empathy. Can one make a lively film about culture and education? Definitely, if Herr Bachmann is the teacher! And yes, the film is long, but time flies when you are in good company and you certainly are here. From the main competition at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.