Anita Hopland / Pakistan, Denmark, Norway / 2022 / 85 min / World Premiere

A personal family epic, where Danish-Pakistani director Anita Mathal Hopland looks back at the history of her two families over 15 years in Karachi and Copenhagen.

Moosa Lane is the name of the street in the Pakistani capital Karachi where one half of Anita Hopland’s family lives. The other half lives in Denmark. In her first solo film as a director, Hopland returns to material she has shot over a period of 14 years in her two home countries to understand her origins and herself. The cultural contrasts between the house in Karachi, where 25 family members live under one roof, and the everyday reality of Copenhagen in a Danish welfare state are stark. But in her reflective meditation on mental and geographical distances, and on what binds us together despite our differences, she builds a bridge across time and place. In Pakistan, her cousin’s daughter Saima becomes an anchor and focal point until the day she is to be married off. Time passes, the two families change, and so does Hopland herself. ‘Moosa Lane’ is a personal family story in a wide format, where all emotions are allowed to colour the canvas along the way.