Cheryl Dunn / United States, Canada / 2020 / 96 min
A walk on the wild side through the New York underground with the art comet Dash Snow, who tragically burnt out as a 27-year-old.

New York in the late 90s, when downtown Manhattan was still rough and dirty. Here, the self-taught artist Dash Snow was in his element, and he evolved from street graffiti artist in the 00s to a gallery darling and international art star. In an alternately creative and (self-)destructive haze of alcohol and drugs, Snow – who came from a wealthy family of art collectors – toured around the city with his alternative family of friends before the young shooting star tragically burned out in an overdose of heroin in 2009. Cheryl Dunn’s collage portrait is a true walk on the wild side through the New York underground, entirely in the spirit of the wild and restless protagonist.