Sam Hobkinson / United Kingdom, Belgium / 2021 / 90 min / Danish Premiere
Reality surpasses fiction in the story of a little girl who grew up among wolves, until the story starts to fall apart and a new one begins.

The incredible story of the 7-year-old girl Misha, who escaped the Holocaust by fleeing into the woods and living among wolves for years, is almost too good to be true. Misha Defonseca sold millions of copies of the book based on her life’s great adventure, which has since been made into a film. Nobody remained untouched by the story of the young girl alone in an evil world. Until it all started to fall apart. Even though reality first seemed to surpass fiction, it turns out that there are more sides to the story – and they have not made it any less compelling. Who is Misha? Where did she come from? And when do the stories we tell about ourselves become a reality?