120 min

Experience free jazz furie Maria Faust in a strong trio formation after the international premiere of the exuberant portrait film ‘Machina Faust’.

After watching the film ‘Machina Faust’ about the resident Estonian powerhouse of a saxophonist, composer and feminist, Maria Faust, there’s only one thing you want to do: give your ears a ride in Maria’s machinery. W have invited Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe, consisting of Maria Faust (alto saxophone), Kresten Osgood (drums) and Lars Pilgaard (guitar), to give a concert suspended between free-jazz compositional music and improvisation after the premiere of the film. The film portrays Faust as a flesh-and-blood human being who lays everything bare for the camera and is completely uninterested in painting a glossy picture of either his musical life or his relationship with husband and musician Ned Ferm.