Ulrik Einer Ehrhorn Gutt-Nielsen / Denmark / 2022 / 52 min / World Premiere

A Danish baron travels to Rome to convince the Pope to defend the world’s animals before it is too late for himself to continue the fight. Meet a lively and charismatic man on a passionate mission.

Peter von Kohl is a baron, vegan and passionate defender of animal rights throughout his long life. Impeccably dressed in a suit and freshly polished shoes, he has always reported from the corridors of influence in the EU. When visiting a Danish pigsty for the first time he is moved to tears. Before he leaves this world, dying from cancer, he has set himself a goal: to convince the Pope himself to join the good cause and use his influence to defend the animals. ‘Making Life Count’ is a lively portrait of a charismatic loner with a never-failing dedication on behalf of the unloved animals.