Sergei Loznitsa / Ukraine, Netherlands / 2014 / 130 min

The 2014 Ukrainian uprising depicted as a powerful historical fresco by director Sergei Loznitsa, a  maestro of the contemporary and historical chronicle.

The 2014 popular uprising in Ukraine started as a protest against President Yanukovych, but later became a crisis of unpredictable international proportions. Sergei Loznita’s film will go down in history as a document of the uprising in Kyiv. From battles to soup breaks and heroic folk songs. Indeed, the months on Maidan Square are unusually depicted exclusively in vast, static panoramas. A fresco that holds a complexity quite different from the handheld glimpses of ‘authenticity’ which we have become accustomed to from YouTube and cell phone footage. A film no less relevant to our understanding of Ukraine than it was upon its release.